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Pot Liq. Moonshine

THC Cannabis Tea

True Holistic ™ Co.'s "Pot Liquor Moonshine THC True Holistic Cannabis Tea" (THC-infused cannabis tea) is a delicious and pleasant tea, infused with 375mg of High Quality THC. Formulated for optimal cannabinoid delivery, Our Tea structure supports THC delivery and refreshing taste to make certain that you have to do is sit back with friends and enjoy. Our marijuana drinks are available in 10mg and 90mg and come in a variety of expertly developed flavors. SC Laboratory Tested and Approved our Tea and Cannabis is tested every brew with a full spectrum cannabinoid profiling and analysis utilizing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC/DAD).


Medical Marijuana

SC Labs Tested and Approved. Our products contain the highest quality of Cannabis infused into are products.


Our All Natural THC-infused drinks are available in 375mg and 500mg, 16 Fl Oz bottles and coming soon in a variety of unique delicious flavors.


Soon coming to our line of products. Gluten Free, Low Calorie and All Natural THC -infused edibles.


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